Candle Holders...

All of my fused glass candle holders are made by hand. Each piece is unique and, as with everything I make, small variations are to be expected. These variations give each piece it's own special character. The candle holders are designed to hold 'tea-lights'. You can use traditional tea lights with a naked flame or, if you prefer, you can use electronic tea lights, both look fantastic. As with all naked flames, if you use traditional tea lights make sure that they are kept away from children and anything which might catch fire!

Each candle holder is approximately 8cm wide, 5.5cm high and weighs about 90grammes.

All of the candle holders are priced at €15,00 each.

Happy Shopping!



Blue candle holder

  Blue candle holder  

Pink and Green


Pink & green candle holder

  Pink & green candle holder  



Thermo candle holder

  Thermo candle holder  

Red & Orange


Red & yellow candle holder

  Red & Yellow candle holder  

Red, Orange & Yellow


Red orange & yello candle holder

  Red & orange candle holder